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With Preferred Dealer Protection, you get a plan that has been designed just for you by the Pitcher & Doyle team and delivered by a local independent broker. You also enjoy the advantages and economies that come with being part of a large group. You win both ways.

The Pitcher & Doyle program is designed to meet the needs of vehicle retailers across Canada.  These include new car dealerships, power sports dealers and truck dealers all with new and used vehicle sales.  The program provides a full suite of coverage as well as the affiliated exposures such as body shop, daily rentals, mechanical repairs, vehicle maintenance and building ownership.  These exposures are currently separated by premium and coverage lines into Property (including Casualty & Umbrella) and Automobile, which includes the garage policy premium as well as the new and used dealership inventory (floorplan) premium. 


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Some of the key coverages offered through the Preferred Dealer Protection Program:

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Northbridge Insurance is a leading Canadian commercial insurer. Working closely with our broker partners and leveraging our in-depth industry expertise, we help businesses operate more safely so they can worry less about risks and focus on opportunities.

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